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WM Casino - Most Reputable Live Casino Provider In AW8 Malaysia

Welcome to WM Casino. Place where gambling is redefined when it comes to Malaysia market. Why do we claim that? Simply because it is the most trusted online casino 2024.

In this introduction, you'll be able to learn interesting facts about casino wm, such as key features, available games, bonuses, and much more.

AW8 and Acewin8 are two other names attached to this casino. You can call it however you want, but the amount of fun you'll have will remain the same.

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Get To Know About WM Casino

Becoming the best online casino wasn't an easy thing to accomplish. Every member of our staff gave a lot of hard work and dedication.

The whole story began with one simple goal in mind. To provide one of a kind experience to the Asian players. Our team was small at the start and we had to prove that we have something to offer. Slowly, but steadily we had more and more providers. This meant that we have more games to offer.

Additionally, we acquired a license and 24/7 support. Today, WM Casino has a very user-friendly interface, a bunch of bonuses, and the general feel of a high-quality casino. Even Fernando Torres recognized that and he became our ambassador. Ultimately, our players are thrilled.

Right now, we are the most trusted online casino Malaysia.

Interesting Featured Games Offered By WM Casino

Joker Gaming

At joker gaming, they are fully committed to maximizing the experience for the players. Slots that are developed by joker are innovative, and live casino games are among the best ones in Asia.

Additionally, their progressive jackpots are a nice addition. WM Casino is very proud that we managed to connect with the joker gaming team. We want only the best for our players.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat, also known as Baccara could easily be the most popular card game in Asia. AW8 of course offers an opportunity to play it. Several different providers partnered up with us so you'll have a wide variety of choices.

It is important to point out that all live baccarat games come with beautiful bankers and a responsive interface. You'll feel like everyone at the table is in the same room with you.

Live Blackjack

Wm casino online in Malaysia is one of the few that is able to offer you a true blackjack experience. You probably saw blackjack being played in countless movies and TV shows.

At Acewin8, you can feel like a superstar too. Just choose your table and start playing. We guarantee that all tables offer professional staff and a unique environment. You won't be disappointed.

Common Features Of WM Casino

- Platforms

Wm casino online can be accessed and played from multiple platforms. Below you can find a list of them, along with a brief explanation.


Apple's iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones in the world. A lot of Malaysians have them so we decided to develop wm casino app that is fully compatible. All you have to do is to download the app from the iStore and you are good to go. Countless hours of fun on the go!


For all of our users that don't own an iPhone, there is the same application we developed for android devices. In other words, wm casino bet can be placed on any modern mobile device. That way, you can be sure that you won't miss a thing no matter where you are. As long as you have an internet connection.


Owners of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air devices will be happy to know that they can access WM Casino from their devices without too much hassle. Just start up your favorite browser, go to wm casino login, enter your credentials and you are good to go. 


All players that are sticking to devices operated by the Windows OS will be glad to hear that they can enjoy wm casino live just like any other user. The procedure is the same as if you are using Apple's product. Start up the browser, navigate to WM Casino, log in, and that's it! All the games will be available for play as if you are on any other device.

- Currency

To be the most trusted online casino Malaysia, one has to accept different currencies. Below is a list of the ones that we accept at the WM Casino.

  • SGD - Singapore Dollar
  • MYR - Malaysian Ringgit
  • VND - Vietnamese Dong
  • IDR - Indonesian Rupiah
  • THB - Thai Baht

- Language

Playing wm casino live would be challenging if you don't have your language available. Luckily, we are supporting several major Asian languages. Here is a list of them.

  • Malay - For Malayasian players and players from Singapore
  • Bahasa - For Indonesian players
  • Tiếng Việt -  For Vietnamese players
  • Khmer - For Cambodian players
  • Thai - For players from Thailand
Of course, good old English is available as well

- Customer Support

We have a dedicated highly professional staff. They are available 24/7 and if you ever run into a problem and need their help, they'll be there to help you. At your first interaction with them, you'll realize that Malaysia wm casino online has one of the best support teams in the industry.

The Advantages Of Playing Live Casino Game Of WM Casino

The time has come in this wm casino review to talk about all the perks that you have when playing at Acewin8.

i. Wm casino demo

You can play all games for practice. This means that you can learn the rules and paytables without the need to spend real money. Once you feel confident enough, you can start playing for real.

ii. Real-time games

All of the live games at WM Casino are played in real-time. You can communicate and interact with the dealers as if you are right there with them.

iii. Bonuses

AW8 is well known for bonuses. Once you register your account you'll see how many different and highly rewarding bonuses can be claimed and used on live casino games.

Bonuses & Promo Offered By WM Casino

a. Welcome Bonus Up To 150%

This bonus is available to all the new players at WM Casino that are making their first deposit. Please see the table below to see the games on which the bonus can be used. How much bonus will you get, and what is the turnover.

Type of game


Maximum bonus



Sport betting


MYR 800


All sport betting providers

Live Casino


MYR 500


All live casino providers except ALLBET

Slots and fishing games


MYR 1200


Only MEGA888 and 918KISS

b. Midnight Bonus

This bonus is a reason why we are best online casino. Make a deposit between 12 AM and 6 AM to get a nice bonus reward. Once you make a deposit, reach out to our customer support and the bonus will be on your balance in a matter of minutes.

Deposit amount


MYR 1000

MYR 38

MYR 3000

MYR 88

MYR 10000

MYR 118

MYR 30000

MYR 388

c. Perfect Attendance Bonus

Casino wm offers this bonus to all loyal players. In order to get this bonus, you must wager at least MYR 1688 every day, from Monday to Sunday. The bonus that you'll receive will can be used on all games. It has to be turned over three times. The amount of bonus that you'll be rewarded is MYR 168.

Guides To Claim Your WM Casino Bonus In AW8

Any of the bonuses, including the three below can be claimed in the same manner. Follow the steps below to claim your WM Casino bonuses.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the homepage of our casino in your browser. Any modern desktop or mobile device can be used.
  • Step 2: Register your account if you don't have one, or log in with the existing credentials.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the "promos" section of the casino. Available in the main menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Step 4: Select the bonus that you would like to claim. You can sort out all of the WM Casino bonuses based on their category.
  • Step 5: Once you find the bonus that you like, click on "more info" to see what requirements you need to fulfill to claim the bonus. The rest of the steps for each of the bonuses will be listed under that same section.

Payment Method Offered By WM Casino

At the very end of this wm casino review, we'll check out the accepted payment methods.

Credit Cards

The most common way of paying. All major credit card providers are accepted. Since we are the most trusted online casino 2024, all your personal information will be safe.

Online Bank Transfers

Payment method that will take the most time to be processed. Some players prefer this method, but if you are in a hurry, we suggest trying one of the other methods.


Help2Pay and EeziePay are two wallets that are being accepted at this moment. However, more will be added in the future.


Depositing method quickly became popular for its effectiveness and short processing time. It is accepted, but it is not as secure as other methods.

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