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Best Online Sport Betting Malaysia 2024 - AW8 Malaysia

At the AW8 online casino, the players have a chance to explore and enjoy some of the best casino games on the market, as well as wager on all types of sports. The placement of sports bets can be done at the special sportsbook section at the online casino.

Malaysian players can choose to place a bet on sports from 5 different sports betting providers. All of the most popular sports are available at each of these providers, as well as some not so frequently watched sports. Below you will find everything that you need to know about Sports Betting Malaysia.

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Types of Online Sport Betting Games on AW8

Every player that joins the AW8 casino for the purpose of online sport betting will be pleased to know that they can place bets on all kinds of sports. Some of the most popular sports that Malaysian players wager on are Soccer, Badminton, Cricket, and Basketball.

i. Soccer Betting

Soccer is the most-watched sport in the world and because of that, it is also the most wagered on sport compared to the other sports. At the AW8 sportsbook, the players can place bets on live soccer matches, as well as on matches that haven't started yet.

Also, it is important to note that at this sportsbook place the players have the option to place all kinds of bets on matches from the biggest leagues, as well as some minor leagues. Some of the leagues that are worth mentioning are the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, The Champions League, etc.

ii. Badminton Betting

Badminton might not be the biggest sport in the world, but it is an extremely popular sport to bet on. It is a sport played mostly in singles or doubles, where the players use a racquet to hit a shuttlecock across a net.

In the AW8 sportsbook section, players can choose to place bets on the most popular matches from the biggest competitions. The most common bets that the Malaysian players are placing on a Badminton match are outright winner, set matches, and the over/under.

iii. Cricket Betting

Cricket is a very popular sport in the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia. At the AW8 sportsbook, the players can place bets on the most exciting cricket matches from the domestic league and all the other major leagues.

There are plenty of betting options that the players can place in a cricket match, but the most popular is match betting, the completed match bets, the tied match bets, the innings runs bets and the top bowler bets.

iv. Basketball Betting

Basketball is another super exciting sport that is being watched all around the globe. As there are millions of fans in the world it isn’t a surprise to see many of them placing bets on the most entertaining matches, such as matches from the NBA.

At the AW8 sportsbook, the players will find the biggest leagues and with that the most exciting matches to bet on. Also, there are many bet possibilities that the players can choose to wager on, as well as placing bets on certain players.

AW8 - The Biggest Online Sportsbook Games Providers in Malaysia

At this online sport betting Malaysia, the players can choose to place sports bets on 5 different sportsbook sites. Each of them offers all of the most popular sports with nearly the same betting odds. Below we will write a few words about the sport betting platform providers.


CMD368 is a reputable online sports bookmaker in Malaysia that offers players a unique chance to place bets on all kinds of sports. The odds are somewhat decent, as well as the betting options that are available for the players.

Some of the sports that feature at this sportsbook provider are soccer, basketball, e-sports, american football, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, badminton, golf, cricket, volleyball, handball, snooker, rugby, MotoGP, darts, boxing, Muay Thai, cycling, entertainment, and some more.


Maxbet is one of the leading sports betting platforms in all of Asia. It features some very attractive odds on its games, as well as some high betting limits and live betting offers that the players can’t get enough of.

This sportsbook has the best popular sports at disposal for wagering at, such as Olympics, basketball, swimming, soccer, American football, athletics, field hockey, rugby, volleyball, boxing, handball, cricket, darts, motorsports, tennis, golf, badminton, snooker, table tennis, etc.


Betradar is known as the most reputable supplier of online sports betting services that work with trusted online casinos and sportsbooks, such as AW8. This sportsbook supplier is famous for providing sports betting platforms with only the most popular sports and certain virtual sports.

At the AW8 sportsbook, the players can only enjoy Betradar's virtual sports. The virtual sports which are available on this sports betting platform are Virtual Football, Virtual Basketball, Virtual Tennis, Virtual Horses, and Virtual Greyhounds.


Sbobet is another major sports betting supplier that offers over 1,500 sporting events every week. It also features extensive coverage of all major leagues and international sporting events from the most popular sports on the planet.


M8bet is a very famous sports betting provider that features all the major leagues from the most popular sport in the world. It also has all of the best Asian leagues from the top sports that Malaysian players are interested in.

The players that are wagering at the M8bet section can place all kinds of bets on sports such as soccer, rugby, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, tennis, snooker, lottery, cricket, esports, basketball, and many more.

Features of Playing Online Sport Betting on Aw8

AW8 Sport Betting Malaysia has many great features that make it a top place for sports betting. Below we will try to mention just a few of the most important features, as there are truly many.

- A Large Selection of Sports

At the AW8 sportsbook Malaysia, the players will find a large selection of sports to bet on. Also, can choose to wager on the best sports leagues in the world, as well as some of the minor leagues from the most popular sports.

- Generous Bonuses

This Malaysia sport betting site offers some truly amazing bonuses for its players that are wagering on sports. There are promotions for the newly registered players and the existing players, as well as for the highly respected VIP players. The rewards that the players receive are in the form of bonus funds.

- A Safe Place to Wager At

The AW8 Malaysia online sport betting utilizes the latest SSL encryption technology, which means that every data that is being sent between the players and the casino is encrypted. This new technology keeps the player's data safe from theft by an unwanted third party.

- Optimized for Mobile Use and Sport Betting Apps

This Malaysia sportsbook has been optimized for the use of any device, including mobile, regardless of the operating system the device is powered on. Also, some of the sports betting providers have their own sport betting app, which makes it easier for the players to place a bet and track the games.

Best Free Online Sport Betting on AW8 Malaysia

At this Malaysia online sport betting site the players can wager with real money, or for free with the help of the generous bonuses that feature at the AW8. With those funds, the players can place bets on all kinds of sports matches, from the major to the minor leagues.

Some of the best online sports that the Malaysian players are wagering on are Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, eSports, Snooker, Handball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, American Football, and many more.

AW8 Online Sport Betting Games Bonus

AW8 sportsbook Malaysia takes great care of its players, as they offer plenty of sports bonuses. Each bonus has been designed to reward and help the players' betting journey at the AW8 sportsbook betting section.

Some of the most rewarding sports betting bonuses at this online sportsbook Malaysia are Crypto Deposit Bonus, Weekly Perfect Attendance Reward, Newbies Starter Pack, First Game on Us, Welcome Bonus Up to 150%, Daily Reload Bonus, and the Unlimited Reload bonus.


The AW8 is considered by many Malaysian players to be the best online sportsbook and its many features can support that claim. This sportsbook site offers players a chance to choose between 5 different sports betting providers, where they can use their sport betting tips to place a bet.

There are several sport betting apps made by some of these sports betting platform providers that give the players a more organized view of their sportsbooks. The players can place bets on all of the biggest leagues in the world from the most popular sports.

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